Return to amazing Thailand

return to amazing Thailand

It is about time to return to Thailand. The virus situation starts to get under control, down from 24.000 cases per day one month ago to under 10.000 today. The vaccine is rolling out at a record speed with 1.4 million inoculations two days ago. Thai people seem to be willing to get vaccinated. The goal is to Inoculate more than 70% with 1 shot and more than 50% with two shots during the period October to November. The numbers today are around 50/25.

Almost every business is opened and most venues, restaurants, and malls are as well. Still some minor restrictions in place, such as bars.

ll is set to pen up for foreigners to enter Thailand with no quarantine at all. This will be implemented in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and some more places starting November 1st.

Pattaya City hall announced several events to start in November such as a 4-week long musical festival, food festivals, and a reopening of the famous fireworks competition, plus more. Welcome to a busy Pattaya.

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