Make money gold

make money gold

Make money gold. When I first got into this business gold was selling for around $300 an ounce. Gold went as high as $1900 an ounce and today gold is selling for over $1,200 an ounce and experts forecast it to go higher – much higher! I have seen forecasts by reliable writers that Gold could reach as high as $5000 an ounce in coming years.

The United States is the largest jewelry market in the world and millions of Americans have old, broken, or just out-of-fashion pieces of jewelry sitting in their jewelry boxes. Just last week my wife came across a single 18K gold erring. She lost the other earring in the set about ten years ago and the remaining earring has just been sitting in her jewelry box since then.

I put the earring on my gold scale and it weighed 8 grams. At today’s prices that one earring was worth over $300 –which is more than she paid for the pair ten years ago.

There is literally a fortune in gold –billions of dollars worth, sitting around collecting dust. But the high price of gold today is bringing it out of the woodwork. And all you have to do to get your piece of the pie is to ask.

How much money do I need to get started in this business?
Gold Scale
You will need a gold scale, a gold testing kit, and a couple of simple tools. All of this will cost less than $30.

You will have to spend about $25 to $50 on local advertising to find your first few customers.

Lastly, you will need some cash to purchase your gold. I would say you would need about $500 to buy your first few pieces. But don’t worry. If you don’t have that, I will show you two ways to get started with no cash at all and bootstrap your way to your first few sales.

Make money gold

Here is what you get:

50 page eBook, How to Make Money Buying and Selling Gold. – My book contains everything you need to get started. Please Note: My eBooks are set to allow printing. You can print it out on your computer printer, or you can send the file to a local copy shop and they will print and bind a copy for you.
Bonus Resource – A bonus package that contains all of the ads, flyers, and invitations you need to market your business. It would cost you hundreds of dollars to create these from scratch.

Bonus Resource – My personal list of refiners who will pay between 92% – 96% for your gold
Bonus Report – Tools of the Trade
Bonus Report – Sandwich Board Advertising
My No Questions Asked, 100%, 60-day Money-back guarantee!

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