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Jan Malmsten who we are

Hi everybody. My name is Jan Malmsten, born in Sweden. This is a short brief of my experience in DIY and renovating. This is our story, Jan Malmsten who we are. I started this web page because of my life-long experience and great interest in building, renovating, and DIY. I am happy to share my experience and hope you will too, please join our DIY Forum for free. Ask/answer questions that are related to DIY. Post your tips and tricks, to help everyone become a better DIY and hopefully avoid doing mistakes.

This is me back in 2005. One year later I moved to Thailand to live a more unstressed life with better quality. A decision I have not regretted.

Jan Malmsten who we are

When I was 22 years old I bought a big house in a small Swedish city, Two stories and a total size of 900 sqm (2800 sqf). Living space on the 2nd floor and a small factory on the bottom floor. I worked with screenprinting,  making stickers and signs.

The house was in a poor condition and needed a big facelift. Whenever I had spare time I renovated the house step by step. Fixing the roof, new wallpapers, a lot of painting, plumbing work, basically, any type of renovation work was necessary.

I learned a lot from my mistakes, but a minor mistake really did not matter that much. Whatever I did was an improvement.

8 years later I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden's second-largest city. I changed my business to doing computer phototypesetting - design in the graphic business.

I bought a vacation cabinet very cheap but in questionable condition.

The first step was to install electricity and build a veranda outside to enjoy the very short summer in Sweden.

Lots of work. Extended the house to make room for two bedrooms. Build a toilet and shower room. Totally renovate walls inside and walls outside. Totally renovate the small guesthouse. Add a hot bath outside.

2006. Moved to Thailand. Started a company, Orestone Group Co Ltd.

The name Orestone is a direct translation of my last name, Malmsten.

Got married and bought a house at a bargain price. The house was unfinished so I designed and built a new house with basically only the roof intact.

Lots of work but finally finished and livable. Since then I build a guesthouse, freestanding store room, stairs, and a garage for two cars. Still, happily live in this house we call home.

In Pattaya I worked with real estate. Buy/sell properties, and rent out houses and condos.

We became caretakers of almost all properties we sold, about 50 properties. We rented them out and took care of everything for our customers that lived abroad and often bought as an investment.

The need to uphold functionality in those properties increased every year. That is how we started our renovation service in Pattaya. This service grow over time and today we have 6 staff doing renovation for anyone who needs our help and experience. It is today the biggest single business we have. The need for renovation is plentiful in Pattaya. Always something needs to be fixed, from small fixes to very big renovations. Together with our partners, we can do almost anything for our customers. Our customers are always foreigners living in Thailand since we speak Thai, English, and Swedish which is much appreciated for easy communication and knowledge of European building standards. We also offer guarantee on work done.

Our website will show you what kind of work we offer today. Take a LOOK

Thank you for reading and see you in our Forum.