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Hi and welcome to my new blog. Here I will share my 20+ years of experience living with diabetes and how to reverse it. You could do the same, I will tell you how. I am not a doctor but nothing that I will write about is dangerous to your health, it is actually the opposite. My coming email will show links to experts that will confirm my advice. Just in case I will disclaim anything I write. It is up to you to confirm if I am wrong or not.

Most doctors do not have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction and/or they are forced to follow the government guidelines that very seldom tell you everything at best and do not understand what the cure is.

The diabetes illness.

It is estimated that up to 60% of all Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. This is a huge number and an upcoming health disaster. This IS avoidable but few seem to be interested in doing it, mostly because of a lack of understanding.

Diabetes is not a sickness, it is a symptom. It is important to understand that the real disease is what is called Insulin Resistance. This condition is responsible for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and following 10-20+ or more issues with your overall health.

You have been told that Cancer and heart problems are the top reasons for death in the world. Actually, metabolic syndrome by far is the number one since this is the condition that creates so many indirect health problems that health care often does not recognize as the root cause. If you die from a heart attack it will be registered as such when it in many cases occurs from a metabolic syndrome issue.

I will give you one example in this first blog.

I used to have frequent problems with grout. I asked my doctor why I had this problem. The answer was that I had a metabolic syndrome but nothing of why I had it. When I finally reversed my insulin resistance I never had grout since. This problem was one of my problems that correlated with insulin resistance.

My first advice would be to stop anything that contains sugar. The sugar industry will probably file a lawsuit but they have to prove I am wrong, which I am not. The first step would be to stop ALL soda drinks, they are sugar bombs, even diet soda will trigger your insulin response. My own favorite to drink is soda water with ice. I also drink cold tea and coffee.

Please follow this blog and I will frequently advise you on hove to reduce and even reverse insulin resistance.

If you like this blog and think you could benefit from following my 20-year journey to become healthy again I would appreciate it if you visit my marketplace website. Buy something, email me and tell me what you bought and then you are welcome to email me any question on this issue. [email protected]

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